Agenda 2018

Speaker Inviting List 2018:

  • ZHANG Rui, Deputy Director,Airport Division 
    Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • WANG Hanlin, General Manager of Information Technology Department 
    Beijing Capital International Airport Co. LTD
  • WU Jian, Vice President
     HNA Infrastructure Company Limited
  • Steve LEE, CIO 
    Singapore Changi Airport
  • Michael IBBITSON, Executive Vice President, Technology and Infrastructure
    Dubai International Airport
  • LIU Wujun, Chief Engineer
    Shanghai Airport (Group) Co. LTD
  • XU Xijun, General Manager of Information Navigation Management Department
    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • WU Yu, Deputy General Manager
    Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Co. LTD
  • WANG Suichu, Deputy General Manager
    Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co. LTD
  • SONG Zhengmin, Deputy General Manager, Director of Qingdao Jiaodong Airport Construction Command
    Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport
  • ZHANG Baojian, Vice President, North Asia
  • Matthys SERFONTEIN, Vice President, Airport Solution
  • WANG Xin, Deputy General Manager of Airport Operations
    China Civil Aviation Information Network Co. LTD
  • XU Junku, Doctor, Professor-level Senior Engineer
    Information Technology Research Base Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • Lim Peck Hoon, Executive Vice President of Business Division
    Singapore Airport Group


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